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Installations On View

Based upon multi-year interdisciplinary research on the Buddhist culture of dance in Dunhuang, the Cave Dance project harnesses the power of machine learning to bring new insights upon ancient dance forms. Data from static mural drawings and motion capture of professional dancers were used to train a machine-learning model, which generated a human-computer collaborative choreography of animated movement sequences. Through this process, Cave Dance breathes new life into static dance paintings and translates ancient texts; it presents a contemporary reconstruction—and imagination—of these ancient dances. 

With photogrammetry, digital modeling, CG animation, 3D printing, and mixed reality, Embodied Architecture creates a multi-sensorial theater of cultural heritage. As it pursues the logic and language that fundamentally informs Chinese architecture, the project unfolds the imaginary universe embodied by Buddhist monuments, as well as a spiritual journey of ascension and transcendence.
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